Simionema | Translations from English to Spanish
Simionema, asesoría narrativa. Asesoramos a escritores, nóveles o experimentados, para ayudarlos a perfeccionar su escritura. Analizamos manuscritos y orientamos en el proceso creativo.
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Translations from English to Spanish

Traducciones del inglés al español

Simionema translations novels books
Simionema offers the translation service for fictional books from English to Spanish (novels, short stories and scripts).


We focus on three pillars for the development of this service:

-Perfect command of English, both British and American.

-Knowledge of narrative; theory and practice.

-Our own experience as fictional writers.

We understand that a translation involves much more than the correct use of language, and requires a holistic understanding of the process of narration and the assimilation of ideas, as well as the “timing” that the author seeks for her/his original work. Just this way, it is possible to translate a text rigorously, respecting not only the linguistic aspect but the creative and literary ones.